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An immersive theater experience

written by Gordon Farrell
with contributing authors Mollie Heckerling, Lucy A. Robbins, Rachel X,
and Tatiana Gelfand

Tickets & more Info at: girlswhowalkedonglass.com

The stories the audience will experience are true. They were given to the writer to present onstage. We follow three women struggling to navigate the difficult and dangerous choices life presents. The audience travels through living rooms, night clubs, restaurants and workplaces as the lives of these women play out. This is NOT an art installation or a mood piece. It is three fully scripted, intertwining stories.

These stories were all lived by the young women whose experiences are being dramatized. The women involved, some now raising daughters of their own, worked with playwright Gordon Farrell and approved the text as it was written, revised, and finalized. Some will give advice during rehearsals and may be in attendance at the show.

“Broadway playwright Gordon Farrell creates a new maze of storytelling, where the audience literally walks along the journey with these women as they cope with life’s unpredictable, jagged edges.” –Jackie Jonmaire, BuffaloPlace.com

“Truly an immersive experience and a unique one! Very engaging, well written, and well-acted!” – Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe Online

“A work of art… immersive, intense, and in your face. [Girls Who Walked On Glass is] a play that will stay with you… something special that, with the track record of the playwright, has every chance of international success. Unforgettable!” – Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine

“A rare, immersive theater event! An intriguing theatrical treat! Serious theatergoers will not want to miss this exceptional event.” – Anthony Chase, Buffalo News                                                                  

Tickets & more Info at: girlswhowalkedonglass.com