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“Girls Who Walked On Glass presents the true stores of some of the young women who have experienced [life’s] compelling issues… The production is an unusual, immersive show that divides the audience into two groups and carefully guides them through multiple rooms and corridors that represent aspects of each of three women’s lives. From living rooms, night clubs, restaurants to workplace situations, the audience experiences first-hand the drama and fear. Each story is intertwined with another.” – Stephi Wild, Broadway World

“Three young women, three actually lived stories, three fights to make their voices heard… In the 21st Century, the lives of women have become even more complex. Young women must struggle to navigate the dangers resulting from the choices they confront. “Girls Who Walked On Glass” dramatizes three of these true stories.” – Chloe Rabinowitz, Broadway World

“Girls Who Walked On Glass relays to its audience the actual tale of horrors three young women have endured… We follow them room to room on their journeys, meeting the people they encounter who offer help and guidance along the way… Whether it is in workplaces, restaurants, or living rooms, the audience will experience the pivotal moments in each woman’s life. They not only see the story, they live it with these women- feeling first-hand the fear, anxiety and desperation. Many times, it takes them several wrong and even more frightening turns in life in order to finally achieve their ultimate freedom.” – Marissa Tomeo, Broadway World


What critics said about our
Co-Production with Alleyway Theatre – “SCOTCH AND MADNESS”
by Tatiana Gelfand & Paul Jensen

“Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking… Scotch and Madness is an entertaining foray into one ordinary man’s complex and tormented mind… that will make you wonder what’s going on in the mind of the person sitting next to you in the theater or at the next table in the restaurant…”
Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe

“In the story’s graceful movement through space and time, or its fluctuations between consciousness and unconsciousness… [it is a] freewheeling game of association [that] is not immediately apparent to the audience. The layers of communication and thwarted communication in the play are intriguing… Through [a] Japanese ritual, intended to bestow blessings on an entire community, Fred learns that it is not the individual events of his life that are most important. It is not the stops along the way that matter most.  What matters is the journey itself as we travel to the top of life’s metaphoric hill. Three out of four stars!”
Anthony Chase, Buffalo News

“Compelling! An excellent cast [and] memorable characters!”
Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine 

“At a certain point reality seems to just slip away… becom[ing] more and more bizarre… [in] the workings of this rather sophisticated play…”
Theater Talk on WBFO Radio

Artistic Director, Gordon Farrell, presented to the press and the board of directors of Alleyway Theatre
in Buffalo, NY as their new Playwright in Residence.

Here are reviews of some other stuff we did:


written by Jeremy Karagen & David Murrell

When is a fact a fact?
What is the difference between a journalist and a writer?
When is it necessary to tell the truth factually, not creatively?

An over-zealous fact checker and a renowned author go head-to-head in this comedy the New York Times called “a terrifically engaging Broadway play.” “The Lifespan of a Fact” tackles the issue of fake news vs. literary creativity, and asks the question: How do you tell the story of a teenage boy’s death in a way that is both accurate and filled with the poetry of life?


“Terrifically funny dialogue…once the writer and the fact-checker get into a lively debate on the ethics of factual truth vs. the beauty of literary dishonesty, it’s time to really sit up and listen…Their deadly serious but oh-so-funny ethical dispute is brilliantly argued…the debate at the heart of this play transcends comedy and demands serious attention.” – Variety

“The laughs are explosive in this crackerjack new play! [THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT] moves with the ticking-clock urgency the situation demands, yet finds appropriate moments to breathe and let us ruminate on the personal, professional and moral issues at stake… It’s hard to imagine this pithy play ever being more timely.” Hollywood Reporter  

“Buoyantly literate…wholly resonant questions [are] wrestled with in this briskly entertaining play…you’ll find yourself happy to have your preconceptions disturbed and assumptions unsettled.” – Washington Post



at the Alleyway Theater, Buffalo, New York

“A rare, immersive theater event… an intriguing theatrical treat! [Playwright Gordon] Farrell reminds us that every human being has a backstory. For many people, that story involves dark places and perseverance in the face of tragedy. We never really know the history of the person standing next to us… Serious theatergoers will not want to miss this exceptional event. 3.5 out of 4 Stars.”
Anthony Chase, Buffalo News

“Unforgettable… GIRLS WHO WALKED ON GLASS is not a hash tag movement, it’s not a protest march, it’s not a social media rant, it’s a work of art – a play that wrestles with difficult and divisive issues in a way that embraces complexity and encourages empathy. You have a chance to be part of something special that, with the track record of the playwright, has every chance of international success. 4 out of 5 Stars” 
Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine (June 12, 2019)

“Truly an immersive experience and a unique one! Very engaging, well written, and well-acted… the language is very graphic, as the women relate their sexual experiences, those they chose, and those forced upon them. They speak of their life choices and why they made them… all searching for a sense of power, some finding it, some floundering. It got a little messy — like life —and that is part of the concept of the piece.”
 – Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe (May 31, 2019)

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