Founded in 2008 by American playwright Gordon Farrell and avante garde film and theater director Tatiana Gelfand, Red Productions teams with artists who have provocative voices, to help bring their projects to life.

cancellation notice:

It is with much regret that we announce the cancellation “Girls Who Walked on Glass” at Alchemical Studios in New York City.

The health and safety of our audience, artists, and staff is of utmost importance. Therefore, following state safety and health during the Covid-19 crisis, Red Productions Events has cancelled all performances and workshops for the forseeable future.

We urge everyone to practice caution and follow the CDC’s guidelines for preventing the spread of Covid-19 at this time.
We appreciate your patience as all ticket holders will be contacted to arrange for refunds.
We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate updates to you as news develops.

PLEASE read below for information about our 2019 workshop production in Buffalo, NY.



Dramaturgy, Gordon Farrell, Samantha Merchant


Buffalo, NY
Premiered February 20th, 2020

The holidays can be a difficult time at Psychological Counseling Services, especially for the overnight crew which consists of only Fred. But this Christmas, he’s going to receive so much more insight than he’ll give. One big secret that’s been hiding is about to explode on the scene. Imagine what its like to be alone yet surrounded by the inhabitants of your psyche!

“Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking… Scotch and Madness is an entertaining foray into one ordinary man’s complex and tormented mind… that will make you wonder what’s going on in the mind of the person sitting next to you in the theater or at the next table in the restaurant…”
Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe

“In the story’s graceful movement through space and time, or its fluctuations between consciousness and unconsciousness… the play’s freewheeling game of association is not immediately apparent to the audience. The layers of communication and thwarted communication in the play are intriguing…
Through [a] Japanese ritual, intended to bestow blessings on an entire community, Fred learns that it is not the individual events of his life that are most important. It is not the stops along the way that matter most.  What matters is the journey itself as we travel to the top of life’s metaphoric hill.
Three out of four stars!”
Anthony Chase, Buffalo News

“At a certain point reality seems to just slip away… becom[ing] more and more bizarre… [in] the workings of this rather sophisticated play…”
Theater Talk on WBFO Radio

“Compelling! An excellent cast [and] memorable characters!”
Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine 


An immersive experimental theater piece

written by Gordon Farrell
with contributing authors Mollie Heckerling, Tatiana Gelfand, and Lucy A. Robbins

Bad things happen to women in this world.

“Girls Who Walked on Glass” is based on real stories from young women of different backgrounds, making difficult and controversial choices in order to survive the minefield of modern society — some swept away by choices we may not agree with, and some who will triumph despite the pain of their journey.

“A rare, immersive theater event! An intriguing theatrical treat! Serious theatergoers will not want to miss this exceptional event.”
Anthony Chase, Buffalo News                                                                  

“Broadway playwright Gordon Farrell creates a new maze of storytelling, where the audience literally walks along the journey with these women as they cope with life’s unpredictable, jagged edges.
Jackie Jonmaire,

“Truly an immersive experience and a unique one! Very engaging, well written, and well-acted!”
Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe Online

“A work of art… immersive, intense, and in your face. [Girls Who Walked On Glass is] a play that will stay with you… something special that, with the track record of the playwright, has every chance of international success. Unforgettable!”
Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine 


Ten years ago, our company initiated a project to locate and bring to the stage true stories from women, remarkable stories given to us by those who lived them — life stories, personal stories, breakthrough stories. Giving women the opportunity to tell the world who they are, and where they come from, continues to be part of the central mission of Red Productions…

Adapted to the stage by GORDON FARRELL
Additonal Direction, MORGAN LENNON


” ‘In The Red Room: Every Woman/Dances For Someone’ starts off with an invitation. It is a cordial summoning, calmly echoed by a chorus of eight women circling the stage in a provocative, dance-like manner. Like sirens, the women snare us almost immediately, but we stay in their world, ironically, because they appear to offer escape. The play, written by Gordon Farrell, tells the true stories of eight women whom he has known throughout his life. Each story’s speaker commands full attention as she shares her secrets. Stories of heartbreak, helplessness and crises of faith intertwine to form a cycle of self-discovery and reinvention. The stage is bare except for two movable boxes and eight chairs. As each character speaks, the rest of the characters sit and watch attentively, at times even laughing and reacting along with the audience. Together, they create an atmosphere of vulnerability and honesty, a space of healing for all to see.”
Julia Pugachevsky, Washington Square News

“This rare play is a theater of no illusions. The Red Anthology is a revelatory piece about real people telling real stories in an intimate setting. Gordon Farrell has created a unique collection of astonishing narratives .”
Arina Vikdorchik, New York City Event Coordinator

“The Red Anthology brings the stories of real women to the stage. By taking multiple stories and crafting them into one cohesive vision, this play doesn’t just look at women’s problems, it hunts them down and stares them in the face. It encourages us to re-examine the way women are to be treated, touched and talked about. In a city that believes feminism reigns victorious, we are being shown that perhaps this ideology hasn’t trickled down to the working class just yet. The Red Anthology discusses the private pains of real women in a way that honors them and allows their stories to change the world.”
Arielle T. Parkas, founder, Tent Peg Theater Productions

“Gordon Farrell has taken the phrase ‘everyone has a story tell literally’ in his new play, ‘In The Red Room: Every Woman/Dances For Someone.’ The most shocking thing about the play is the slow realization that the characters tales were not the author’s fictional creation, but true stories from real women; this is where the show finds its power. The production is deceptively simple; the set is marked in tape, the women’s costumes are a study of black and red, with the only adornment a set of wooden boxes. I was moved.”
Tricia Couture, Cheap Chick In The City at


The color of defiance

The color of strip clubs and crosses on ambulances

The color of blood hanging in plasma bags

Of anger

Of courage and solidarity

Of neon signs in liquor stores

The color of a rare moon that is

Unafraid to be considered dangerous

Exit Routes

True stories from men and women redefining romance.

By Gordon Farrell

Directed by Tatiana Gelfand

Presented in the Upstairs Cabaret at People Lounge, NYC

Gayle Robbins, James Kloiber, Tawny Foskett,
Faith Roberson, Jamie Gerardi


A new play created from the true stories of young women who made dangerous choices.

Directed by Arielle Parkas,
Tatiana Gelfand,
and Gordon Farrell

Presented in the Upstairs Cabaret at People Lounge
163 Allen Street

Photos by Sabrina Asch